How does it work?
1. Every Thursday, we release a new menu. Items are available for purchase until Sunday at 10PM.
2. Fill up your cart with your favorite meals.
3. Orders are prepared and delivered the next Thursday. We’ll email you on Tuesday to confirm your delivery time. Leave a cooler or insulated bag outside if you won’t be home.
4. Follow the directions and enjoy your home cooked meal!

How is my food delivered?
We are committed to reducing waste wherever possible, so we request you leave a cooler for us to leave your food in. Almost all meals get delivered frozen and are safe in your cooler until you return. When you get home or hear the doorbell, open your cooler and bring your meals in. Check to see if you need to place all in your freezer or leave a few to defrost in your fridge before cooking.

Oh no! I forgot my cooler!
Hey, we get it. We always carry insulated freezer bags with us to keep your food safe. We’ll never leave your meals unprotected. You can purchase the bag we leave or leave it out with your next order.

How much does it cost?
2 serving casseroles start around $15. For most items, we offer multiple serving sizes to fit your needs. We also offer an array of delicious (and often, customizable) side items!

Where are you located?
We don’t have a traditional brick and mortar store. We operate out of a commercial kitchen in near downtown Huntsville, Alabama.

What is your delivery area?
All of Madison County! And outside the county line if you have a Huntsville zip code

Do you accommodate special diets?

Our specialty is food that your family will LOVE. We prepare comfort foods from the heart. If you have an allergy, special request (low sodium, etc) please reach out. In most cases we can accommodate special requests.


  • All orders are hand-delivered to homes and offices throughout Madison county.
  • Please leave a cooler outside if you will not be able to pick up your food immediately.